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NetCDF data come in many shapes. I was recently working with precipitation data downloaded from the NOAA Physical Science Laboratory Server. Unfortunately, the data were all in different years, and I couldn’t get a combined file to download for all the data.

Public libraries are a safe haven for communities. This is where you come as a student who lives in a distressed neighbourhood, this is where you have a right to access information privately, this is where you get health resources, homework assistance, summer programs, technology training, assistance from real librarians, and a warm space — a space that is at once, private and communal.

Library architects of the physical space often take into considerations of usage, access and the texture of the communities they serve. Further, they may go into the emotional texture of the space, the warmth and the…

Neeti Nayak

writes about the politics of tech, design and engineering. Wants chai all the time. Made missiles in a past life. God knows why.

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